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3 Ways to Solve the Dog Poop Problem

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re playing with your dogs in the dog park. Or simply walking them around your neighborhood. Everything is going great, and then it happens — poop. Some less-considerate dog owner just left their dog’s, well, leavings for you to discover. If you’re lucky, that just means an annoyed sigh and [...]

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Can Dog Poop Be Good For Environment?

If you’re a dog owner who picks up after your pooch, let me start off by saying: Thank you! Let me continue by saying that the way we dispose of our pup’s poo can be a huge opportunity to promote environmental sustainability. When it comes to environmental consciousness, biodegradable bags are certainly the vehicle of [...]

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Carry Out Your Damn Poop Bags

It’s pretty simple: If you buy a dog, you buy all the poop too. Throw that crap away. I don’t own a dog, but I’ve picked up more than my share of dog crap. That’s because I walk, run, hike, and recreate outside. And many can’t tell the difference between “outside” and “the nearest waste bin to [...]

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